Autism came to the attention of the Lugarno Lions when the grand-daughter of a Lion was diagnosed with autism at 2 years of age. The cost of helping this young child was crippling for a young family, so the Lions decided something had to be done. And so the journey began.

So, why Lions? Quite frankly, we felt that somebody had to do it.

Autistic children are largely unable to help themselves and their parents are often so overwhelmed that they just don’t know where to turn next. This is where Lions really make a difference. Lions are capable, compassionate, can-do types, but most of all WE CARE. And most importantly Lions live by their international motto WE SERVE, and this stands us in good stead as it has done for well over one hundred years.

Many years ago the Lions of the World were challenged by Helen Keller to be champions for the blind, and Lions are justifiably famous for our work with sight impaired people across the world.

Think of the endless possibilities of Lions tackling autism and becoming known for speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.

There are many disabilities that are crying out for champions.

As Lions we are determined to take them one at a time and make a real difference.